About Me

Jennifer Andrews-Smith

I have been a Yoga Instructor since 2009, and have continued on my yoga journey taking many paths in yoga that have given me the experience and knowledge that has evolved within my teachings and practice today.  At the beginning of my journey I studied Power yoga and yoga for sport with Anne Marie Newland, a dynamic style of yoga created for Sun Power yoga,  I took an intensive course with David Svenson for Primary Ashtanga yoga.  Over the years my direction of yoga began to reach a crossroads where I had an amazing opportunity to use yoga as a form of rehabilitation for a beautiful student who spent his life in a wheelchair, and found my yoga path took me down the path of yoga therapy. I had already qualified as a rehabilitation trainer, and then I spent 2 years training with The Devon School of yoga as a therapist, and now have a post graduate diploma in yoga therapy. I have integrated all of my wonderful teachings within `A Breath of Wellness` to produce a style of yoga where I apply my knowledge and understanding intuitively to give each student an experience that is created for themselves, whether it is a strong physical practice or yoga  therapy and rehabilitation.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?