Client Reviews

What People Say

“Having attended classes and one to one sessions with Jennifer over the past three years, she offers a very experienced teacher experience. Jennifer blends her many years of knowledge, skills and wisdom adapting to different levels of ability, whilst supporting a practice that works with the breath, and is technically sound. She is able to intuitively tune into what is needed and guides sessions with warmth and encouragement”

Theresa Adrienne

“I contacted Jennifer after I had a serious car accident which left me with back, neck and hip problems on my right side.  This made me physically and emotionally wobbly.  I was a wonky donkey!

Jennifer used her amazing yoga therapy to help me regain my strength and my balance, and more importantly to trust and respect my body.  I found her to be an extremely empathetic teacher, who planned a number of sessions for me as an individual that were tailored to my ability, and my needs.  Thanks Jennifer!”

Christina phillips

“Yoga with Jennifer has been transformative.  She intuitively knows exactly what is needed, capturing both the physical and mental states as soon as she sees you.  She was the impetus my husband needed to get back on his feet from being completely immobile to walking the dog again.  And for me, as a caregiver and working full time, she has enabled me to keep fit and develop strength where I needed it - both physically and mentally.  I wholeheartedly endorse Jennifer; she’s just the best teacher I know (and I’ve had a few!)”

Helen Bulbeck - Director of Services and policy Brainstrust